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Letter: An open letter to the town of Vail’s PEC

I’m writing to you about the proposed East Vail housing project. As a homeowner since 1991, I’ve become aware of the pressing need for affordable housing for Vail’s employees. I fully support efforts to remedy this growing problem our community faces.

That being said, after careful review of the current East Vail proposal, as well as independent biologist reports, it is clearly apparent that this project incurs risks that will likely be devastating for Vail’s only herd of bighorn sheep. In the absence of truly testing mitigation efforts to prove they will be successful in advance of construction, you risk wiping these creatures off the landscape. 

The most recent independent roundtable report from biologists includes the following statement: “Due to the already limited winter and transitional range for bighorn sheep and the relatively small number of sheep in this herd, our collective view is that finding another location for this development would offer the best mitigation for this sheep herd.”

Do you really want your legacy as servers of the community to include the demise of these iconic animals?  I certainly hope not. 

Again, I wholeheartedly support efforts to solve the employee housing crisis Vail faces. Real solutions to the housing problem should not cause irreversible harm to our treasured wildlife. As you know, there are other location options that can help solve this problem and ensure your legacy as faithful stewards of our beautiful town.

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Patricia Marsh


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