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Letter: An unexpected gesture

Vail these days feels pretty darned corporate. But Monday I had a reminder that not everyone has gone all in.

I had set out on my bike that morning for a long ride — East Vail to Minturn, then over Battle Mountain and up to Tennessee Pass. A lot of miles, a lot of elevation gain. It’s a hard ride but for me, between the scenery and the exercise, it’s worth it. The only trouble is, then I’ve got to get back.

So by the time I was slogging away up the South Frontage Road on the final stretch toward East Vail, I was hungry, and just past Cascade, I noticed Chicago Pizza on my left, and turned in. I’d never stopped there before, but I asked the owner, named Marc, if I could buy just a slice of pizza, describing the ride I’d just done and the hunger it churned up. But they don’t do pizza by the slice and what’s more, they had just closed after lunch.

So I went back outside, but it was hot, and with a few miles still to climb before getting back home, I sat on a bench out front to cool down before finishing the ride. While I was there, Marc’s wife, Vicky, came out, and we talked about bikes, then she went back in and Marc came out and said Vicky thought I’d been pedaling pretty hard, so she was firing up the oven and making me a small pizza.

It was just what the doctor ordered, and they wouldn’t even let me pay.

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It was the kind of gesture that I don’t expect to find any more in a place like Vail. It was the kind of gesture that reminds me, happily, that I’m wrong.

Greg Dobbs


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