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Letter: Andrew Keiser for school board

Among the candidates running for the Board of Education for Eagle County Schools, Andrew Keiser stands out. A devoted husband and father, Keiser is a successful businessman in the county and has been a resident for over 25 years. Active as a volunteer in several organizations, I know him best from his involvement as a high school soccer referee.

Keiser has invested the time to become deeply familiar with and certified in applying the rules of the game. As a game manager, he remains calm, confident and objective in even the most contentious situations. But perhaps the skill I admire most in Keiser is what happens after the games he officiates. He calls the game officials together and asks, “How can I do better?”

Keiser cares about not just officiating the game but continuing to improve. He listens to all comments on how that can happen. He accepts new ideas readily and works to incorporate the best of them into his skill set. He seeks excellence.

Keiser’s abilities to be open minded, listen to ideas on all sides of an issue, manage emotions and arrive at informed decisions are perfect for the Board of Education. Can we seek excellence in the learning environment for our children? Absolutely! Let’s put Keiser to work on this goal now. As the grandfather of three in the Eagle County School district, I plan to vote for Andrew Keiser. I encourage you to do the same.

Michael Kaddatz

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