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Letter: Animal Services Advisory Committee taking applications for open seats

The Eagle County Animal Services Committee is currently accepting applications for two open seats on the committee. Applications are due Jan. 27, 2023, and can be found at Eaglecounty.us/animalservices/advisorycommittee

The committee serves as a liaison and ambassador between Eagle County Animal Services and the community. The committee also advises the Board of County Commissioners on animal sheltering and services, such as sanitation, housing of animals, animal handling, animal transport, population management, spaying and neutering, euthanasia, facility improvements, and public health. The committee also advises on field operations for animal services. The committee will not have any management responsibilities and will not direct staff.

The committee meets on a quarterly basis on the second Wednesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. 

Prospective members should have an interest in animal care and welfare and must reside in Eagle County.

In addition to submitting an application form, the application process includes interviews with county staff and the BoCC. Interviews can be accomplished over video, phone, or in person.

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For more information contact Mickey McCormick, Neighborhood Services and Compliance Manager at mickey.mccormick@eaglecounty.us, Rhiannon Rowe, Eagle County Animal Shelter Manager at rhiannon.rowe@eaglecounty.us or Nathan Lehnert, Eagle County Animal Services Field Services Manager at nathan.lehnert@eaglecounty.us

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