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Letter: Another endorsement for Braden Angel

I support Braden Angel for district attorney for the 5th Judicial District and here is another reason you should also. I have a unique perspective on Braden. Upon his planned and deliberate departure from the district attorney’s Ooffice then headed by former D.A. Mark Hurlbert, Braden came to work at my law firm. I have practiced law in the district for over 20 years, served two terms on the 5th Judicial District’s judicial nominating commission which nominates judges to the governor, and currently sit on the district’s judicial performance commission which evaluates the performance of our judges and recommends to the voters whether a judge should be retained. I have worked with and observed countless attorneys including many here in the 5th Judicial District.           

While he worked at my firm, Braden reported directly to me and I worked with and observed him virtually every day, including in the courtroom. I found Braden to be very hardworking, thoughtful, respectful, smart, an effective advocate, and that he possessed strong communication and listening skills. Importantly I also found Braden to be highly empathetic to the problems faced by our clients and others involved and exhibited unwavering honesty and integrity.  Braden left my firm to work as a legal advocate for Summit Advocates for Victims of Assault and to continue his pursuit of something he has always cared deeply about — serving crime victims. Braden is also a devoted and caring father and husband. I have no doubt Braden will make a superb DA for the 5th Judicial District. 

Dan Wolf


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