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Letter: Answering a reader question about Bolts Lake refill

This letter answers a Vail Daily reader question about how a future, renewed Bolts Lake would be filled. The question was prompted by Scott Miller’s May 22 story that followed up on the announcement by the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District and Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority that they are evaluating the feasibility of redeveloping the Bolts Lake site at the south end of Minturn as a water supply reservoir.

The initial Vail Daily story did not address the fill of the potential reservoir. Understandably, there are many details in such a huge project that could not be included in one media report. We agree with the reader that this is important information, though not just for Minturn residents. Rivers benefit our entire community by providing a healthy environment, recreational opportunities, beauty and water supply for all of us to live and work here. So reviving a previous reservoir, and how that reservoir may be filled, is important to anyone who cares about local rivers.

A renewed Bolts Lake will fill primarily from the Eagle River through a gravity diversion, under a district- and authority-owned water right that is junior to all of the town of Minturn’s water rights. The district and authority may seek to use Bolts Ditch, which is owned by Crave, in the future as a backup emergency source. The district and authority have no right to use any Minturn-owned water rights to fill the reservoir. Water that is diverted from the Eagle River to fill Bolts Lake will later be released directly to the Eagle River to augment uses served by the reservoir.

Linn Brooks, Eagle River Water & Sanitation District general manager

Michelle Metteer, Minturn town manager

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