Letter: Anti-maskers can’t have it both ways

What about student’s freedom to wear a crop top or shorts small enough to be classified as a bikini at Eagle Valley High School? Across the nation, this anti-mask argument is going on, yet no one has an issue when schools tell a teenage girl that her skirt is too short. Are these parents advocating as hard for a boy’s freedom to wear his jeans down to his knees at school?

People all over the country are advocating for no masks in schools (despite the explosion of the delta variant and more American deaths) but have no issues when public schools tell an 18-year-old girl (an adult) what she can wear on campus.

If you don’t want masks in schools, I assume you don’t want the school telling your eighth grader that dressing like a Tuesday afternoon stripper at Shotgun Willie’s is too “distracting.“ Student’s clothing choices “should be left to parents” after all, right? If parents are OK with schools having even an informal dress code, then they should have no issue with masks during a pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, including residents of Eagle County. (The irony of anti-science arguments against masks for kids sitting in science class was too on the nose.)

Ben Talbot

Vail and Portland

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