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Letter: Appreciation for Kevin Fontana

Last week, on a bike ride from my home in EagleVail to Beaver Creek, I came upon a swastika, spray-painted in neon pink on the multi-use path that runs parallel to U.S. Highway 6. I stopped, took a picture, and decided to buy gray spray paint and turn it into a flower. But I didn’t want to get a ticket for defacing public property, so first I called the Town of Avon to tell them what I was doing and why. The woman who answered the phone suggested I call the police.

I told her I didn’t want to file a report, I wanted it gone, and didn’t want to get in trouble while I was covering it. She put me in touch with Kevin Fontana, Avon’s supervisor of roads and bridges, who was not only appropriately shocked by the symbol but said he’d come in his truck and stand by to protect me while I painted over it. He also said he had spray paint in his warehouse, that he’d bring it with him and be there in 30 minutes.

A few minutes later, he called me back and said the only colors of paint he had were very bright, but that he had asphalt sealant, and if it was OK with me he would use that to patch over it. He was done within the hour.

I don’t have any new ways to express shock and sadness at the newly emboldened, vomitous underbelly of America. So I won’t try. Instead, I want to acknowledge and appreciate Kevin for his immediate and effective response, which considering this part of the multi-use path is outside of the Town of Avon, was unexpected, and much, much appreciated.

Madeleine Berenson

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