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Letter: Are we talking about the same elk?

I question the baseless protest to the development in Berlaimont. We lived in north Evergreen, Colorado for almost 10 years. Our neighborhoods were relatively dense medium to high-value homes with many cars and roads, a golf course, commercial areas and open space. The first spring we were there, hundreds of elk came through our quarter-acre property one morning over a three-hour period. At night, elk were often on one of our decks eating our flowers. During the day, they also destroyed our trees and bushes.

No matter how loudly we yelled at them or threatened them, they always returned. We would often walk in the open space meadows in the neighborhood and we would run into one to three herds of elk in a single meadow. They would part when we came by and watch us, but they always came back. They seemed to have a circular schedule for walking around the area so that we might not see them for a week and then they were back. We could not drive them away and they thrived.

Other areas of Evergreen have had loads of elk for years and years and they are not bothered by people, roads, buildings and cars. They are fun to watch unless they are destroying your vegetation.

Berlaimont is a very low-density proposal that is at a remote, high altitude location with lots of meadows and forests for the elk to retreat to. What makes you think that our elk in Edwards are any different from those in Evergreen?

Don Donnalley


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