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Letter: As a vet, I’m deeply offended by Trump’s comments

We have now all read about Donald Trump’s disparaging statements that those of us who served in armed conflicts for the United States were “losers and suckers.” Trump denies making those statements, but his well-known proclivity to lie makes that denial hollow. Furthermore, many major reputable news organizations, plus Fox News, have verified major aspects of the Atlantic’s story.  As a combat veteran who served as an infantry platoon sergeant in Vietnam, it appears that in Trump’s opinion, I am one of those losers and suckers, although one that survived. Several of my friends did not.

Alan, who had been one of my best friends since third grade, David, and I were all drafted after college, assigned to the infantry, trained together, and graduated from NCO School. After our service, we were all planning on heading to graduate school. Only I was able to. Both Alan and David died in combat. I also remember Bob and Danny, two young men in my platoon who died before they turned 20. None of us supported the war in Vietnam, but we served. Alan, David, Bob, Danny, and many others gave their lives for this country. We should remember and honor them, not denigrate them.

I do not come from a military background, other than having served myself. Nevertheless, I am deeply offended that Donald Trump would refer to members of our military and my friends who died in Vietnam as “losers and suckers.” This denigration of military service is especially insulting and harmful now that we have an all-volunteer military. Trump is sending America’s youth a strong message that they would be “losers and suckers” to volunteer for the military. What does it say about our country if we re-elect this President?

James C. Ruh


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