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Letter: Ask and someone will help, eventually

After my letter to the editor a couple weeks ago regarding the EagleVail internet outage and the awful Centurylink service, a Centurylink rep reached out to our wonderful editor, Nate Peterson, who hooked me up with him.

This past Monday, the new restoration date was delayed further to Sept 7. After weeks of waiting, since Aug. 9 (22 days), textbotting, on hold for hours, being told numerous times it was only 1, 2, 3 more days, weeks, I had pretty much given up! Then, through Nate, Mark Mozen contacted me, sent me to Dennis Collinge and just like magic — 24 hours later internet restored. If anyone is still out, Dennis will help.

Thank you, Nate — I almost didn’t bother after all the crappy runaround I was getting from Centurylink.

Mark and Dennis, thank you guys, too. Amazing how quickly you were able to do this after all the Cindys, Kevins and Roberts from Omaha to Minnesota could only apologize and assure me techs were on it. You guys came through, and you might try using your own support services so you will know how terrible it is, and what we all went through trying to remain loyal customers.

Also, since most of us lost much more than just internet, maybe find a way to do something really special because of all this, something a little more than a teeny daily credit for each day of outage. I’ve spoken to many who already disconnected service with you guys, so maybe help the rest of us out?

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While I can’t recommend Centurylink, just yet, after this and the measly credit they offer, I will say they are capable of responding with urgency if you can find a human. That is the problem — you have to spend endless hours trying to get help when they should be providing it.

So, anyway, I just wanted to thank Nate and both Mark and Dennis for getting it restored.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh … the net is back!

Lindy Moore


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