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Letter: At least they can’t screw up the mountain

I love Vail Mountain, so much that I have made the trip each winter for 45 consecutive years from Huntington, West Virginia. Lately, what continues to be extremely disappointing is Vail Resorts. The company’s leaders seem to only care about pleasing their shareholders and don’t give a darn about the overall guest experience. 

For example, I used to look forward to stopping for lunch at Two Elk, but not anymore. The food selection and quality have gone from great to poor. Service there has become mediocre and inconsistent. So, like others, I laugh at what Kirsten Lynch says about “training our guests to go find other alternatives.”

With some of the best snow this season, Vail Resorts came up with lame excuses for not keeping the mountain open until 4 p.m., until there was pushback. I could go on, but it’s apparent it’s a smoke-and-mirror management style with Vail Resorts. It’s simple — keep the customer at the center when making decisions and positive things can happen. Next up, stock buybacks. The good news is, they can’t mess up the mountain itself, as it’s a gift from God. 

Think snow.

Barry Mosser
Huntington, West Virginia

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