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Letter: Avon council ignoring the public on barn

First I would like to address Sarah Smith Hymes’ letter to the Vail Daily that ran in the Feb. 22 issue of the paper. She was complaining about the treatment she has received for her vote on the Hahnewald barn issue. She said she listened to both sides and then made a decision.

The problem is, she voted against the wishes of those who put her in office. In her own words during the Jan. 15 Town Council meeting she said it would not be wise to hold a vote among the Avon residents on this issue because she knew it would be voted down. So what does she do but vote to move the barn anyway? With this kind of representation, who wouldn’t be upset with her? There have been many letters to the Vail Daily, almost all of them saying that the moving of the barn is a bad idea and the use of taxpayer money to do this is putting this old useless building ahead of the many projects that are needed for the town — many of which were mentioned in the mayor’s letter. So if Sarah Smith Hymes has such an important list, housing being No. 1 on it, why would she support the expenditure of millions of dollars on a rickety old barn?

I just really wonder where her priorities are, along with those of Tamra Nottingham Underwood, Amy Phillips and Jennie Fancher. If they think their vote on this barn issue is reflective of the wishes of the citizens of Avon, they really are deluding themselves and need to be removed from office, either through a recall or at least at the next election cycle. I plan on doing all in my power to see that it happens.

Garrett Fonda


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