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Letter: Avon doesn’t need paid parking

I have lived in Avon proper for over 30 years and in the valley for longer. I was just reading about how Avon is considering putting paid parking in place.  This just saddens me on so many levels, and I am happy to hear that some members of our Town Council are not for it.  

During a time when the cost of everything is going up everywhere, why does the government feel that it needs to put just another money grab out there to take from its citizens? The people that will suffer the most from this are our working class locals. This is just a negative greedy look.

Limit people’s time frame where they can park and ticket them for abusing that time frame. Plain and simple. Let’s be a friendly, approachable town where people can park, do what they need to do, and not be nickel and dimed at every corner. Sure, this will raise more money for a greedy system, but how much will it cost the town as well? Isn’t there already an employment shortage because the cost of living in this valley is much higher than the common workforce can make? This is wrong and unnecessary.  No one likes the parking meter attendants and no one likes toll roll at the bridge. Let’s not do this.   

Chris Anthony

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