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Letter: Avon has a lot to learn

A concerned homeowner, I’ve been watching the town of Avon for the last few years of living here. I’ve noticed that their concerts suck, but they want a $10 million toilet building. I could get those toilets for 100 bucks apiece, maybe even less. The town of Avon already owns the land on Lake Nottingham, but the problem with the town is they don’t have great concerts with a multi-million dollar stage at the same time they want a $10 million bathroom to take a dump in. Not to mention their fireworks — somebody’s gonna get hurt. It doesn’t even meet federal regulations. If this happened in Chicago or San Francisco this close, there would be some serious consequences with the federal authorities because of federal law.

When I go shopping anymore, especially at Walmart, there are no paper or plastic bags for four people. I constantly noticed the shopping carts by the bus stop because of this issue. Would it be easier to just give them a plastic recyclable bag?

Not to mention the dogs running around in the grocery aisles that’s a little sickening. Some people are allergic to dander while we’re on the dogs.

Your town has a lot to learn. This is America, home of the free, and I am the brave.

Bruce Yackley

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