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Letter: Avon post office is failing miserably

I am sure I am not the only customer at the post office in Avon who is extremely frustrated. Most businesses value their customers. Customer value is what drives most businesses. However, by the nature of the U.S. Postal Service, we are relegated to being a captive customer. The reality is that we need them. They don’t act like they need us.

The responsibility of the postal service, which is run by the local postmaster, is to ensure that their customers receive both efficient and prompt delivery of their mail and packages.

In this regard, the post office in Avon is failing miserably.

My daily wait at the Avon post office is 30 minutes. Waiting in line, while some of us are still masked and social distancing, I try to practice patience. But the 30-minute wait is no longer the exception, it is the daily occurrence.

The postal employees at the front desk (and I hesitate to use the plural, because it is generally one person) goes about his or her business in low gear unconcerned that the line of customers is growing. There has to be another employee or two in the back room who can assist, but rarely is that person called upon. We, the customers, have little choice but to wait it out, detained if you will, until our turn comes up. In defense of the postal clerk, I am generally treated with measured courtesy.

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Recently, after advising the postal clerk that a very important document was delivered to the post office on Sept. 24 but not put in my box until Oct. 25, the clerk left her position to inquire about the matter, I assume. She was gone for 4-5 minutes while the customer line was growing behind me. She returned without an answer. I asked her the name of the local postmaster. She didn’t know. I asked who her direct supervisor was — she didn’t know.

Hence this letter to the community. We need to take steps to correct this very important place where so many of us conduct our business. Any establishment that conducts their business like the post office in Avon would soon be out of business.

One final matter: Clean up your place of business. It is an eyesore. It is an unhealthy environment where I spend 30 minutes of my day.

Michael I. Mossman


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