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Letter: Avon recall is misguided

We hope Avon voters will not sign the misguided petition to recall female members of the Town Council. Recall elections should be an extraordinary remedy used to remove elected officials who have committed crimes or who are not discharging their duties. Policy differences should be resolved at regularly scheduled elections. The people elected at regularly scheduled elections should have the opportunity to pursue their agenda for the full term.   

We may not agree with the positions of each councilmember and they may not agree with our positions. But we would not vote to recall any councilmember just because we disagree. We respect our system of representative government that is a hallmark of our democracy. We know that every two years we have an opportunity to influence the policy direction of the council.  

It is ironic that one of the complaints that organizers have is about something the female members of the Town Council did not do — spend money on the barn. While that process may have been messy (as is often the case in a democracy), the Town Council ultimately did not proceed.  

We hope voters engage to learn about those who are running for Council at the regular election on November 3. But let’s not require the town to spend precious resources on a recall of councilmembers whose terms do not expire this year over policy disagreements.

Janice and Dee Wisor

Wildridge, Avon

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