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Letter: Bad nutrition advice in column

Vail Daily Letter to the Editor

This letter is in regard to the Tuesday Vail Daily article: “Fat loss occurs in the kitchen, not gym.” The advice Ryan W. Richards gives may have worked for him, but is by no means blanket advice that is appropriate for everyone. For example, Richards recommends using cleanses, fasting and intermittent fasting. The research on these techniques is not settled. They may work for some, but could be inappropriate, or even dangerous — both mentally and physically, for others.

His overarching proposition is that you need to eat less and/or severely restrict calories. As a PhD, registered dietitian, I have seen people in my practice who have followed this advice (eating as few as 600 to 800 calories per day) and been unable to lose weight. There are many reasons calorie restriction, particularly severe calorie restriction, does not work, including hormonal imbalances.

Rather than continuing to address concerns with each recommendation of the article, I’d rather ask some questions. Why does the Vail Daily continue to print nutrition advice from someone without any nutrition training? Richards lists no nutrition training on his website. Why does the Vail Daily provide a platform for nutrition information that is, at best, inappropriate, and, at worst, harmful to its readers? Other platforms are taking steps to reduce the propagation of erroneous information — including medical information?

For the readers of the Vail Daily, I would recommend seeking advice from a qualified nutrition professional. This is someone who has had extensive training in nutrition, passed certification examinations and has practiced in the area in which you are seeking advice.

I would encourage the Vail Daily to also follow the above advice. If you want to print nutrition information, be sure it is coming from a credible source — someone with solid nutrition credentials.

Penny L. Wilson, PhD, registered dietitian nutritionist


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