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Letter: Barn a solution looking for a problem

We urge our Avon neighbors to vote no on the issue to spend $1.6M to demolish the old town hall and move the Hahnewald barn to that location. Locating the barn there is not suitable for the town’s own stated purpose of a creative center or an event hall or a recreation center. None of the future plans for the barn support these functions in a footprint that makes sense. 

At best, the barn becomes an expensive restroom for Nottingham Park. More importantly, this money should be used on projects that benefit all the citizens of Avon. In addition to wildfire mitigation, attainable housing and less polluting transportation options, two projects that easily come to mind are mental health suicide prevention and water conservation. Suicide is rampant and at epidemic rates in our community. We believe a community-wide effort, including local government, is the best way to address this problem.

In addition, water is a precious resource that should not be wasted. We need solutions that use so-called “brown water” rather than drinking water for irrigation and lawns since water used for that purpose evaporates and is not recoverable. Identifying and funding projects that serve the entire Avon population is one of the most important jobs of the town council. We believe moving the barn fails to meet these criteria. Thank you for your attention and please be sure to vote No on the survey ballot. Fund Avon’s future, not the barn.

John and Janet Perdzock


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