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Letter: Barn is an investment in Avon’s future

When voting for the Hahnewald barn, please consider the following: Avon has done a great job of changing the tide of disparaging comments of its past. Avon is a resort town that has built a community of venues, services and activities that rivals and complements the two world-class resorts it is nestled between. Can you imagine an Avon without the amphitheater, without Nottingham Park and the lake, without bus services, without the rec center, without outdoor music, fireworks and farmers markets? No thanks!

The town of Avon has grown, bringing tourists and second homeowners who have created the foundation of its economy — at the same time Avon has built a strong community. This has happened because Avon’s government has spent monies and invested in its future. Avon’s future is dependent on tourists returning and second homeowners investing. It is the tax dollars from these two populations that build the balance of the capital improvement fund. The fund that supports the venues, services and activities that those of us who are lucky enough to live here full time (and vote here) get to enjoy.

Our vote needs to ensure that those who can’t vote, tourists and second homeowners, continue to choose Avon. The town depends on it, as does the majority of our livelihoods. The Hahnewald barn helps this goal. Avon will benefit from this historic, iconic structure and so will we. It is an investment in Avon’s future. To vote against it is short-sided. Governments invest in community projects, plus there is money to be raised and grants to be used. Give the council this opportunity. They really do have Avon’s best interest at heart. And although this number seems big to us, it is relatively small to the council’s budget.

Avon is unique to any other small town. It has special opportunities and a rich history. Save this piece of history. Join me in supporting the Hahnewald barn to continue to build the heart and soul of the resort town we love. 

Bobbi Kay


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