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Letter: BaseCamp and the importance of zoning

I appreciate that the BaseCamp RV proposal was reported in the community paper. It is so important the community is informed about these proposed developments. I feel the article was a little slanted towards “pro-development.“

There needs to be more acknowledgment about the true long-term impacts these developments pose on our community. The article did recap the concerns regarding additional large-vehicle traffic and that the Brush Creek Road is not suited for such increased activity, and that the town of Eagle is not ready to annex the parcel without providing sewer/water services.

However, I felt that your article could have reinforced the importance of zoning. Zoning regulations are in place so that planning can be conducted accordingly to balance development pressure with community values. A commercial development of this scale in a residential rural zoned area would be detrimental to our wildlife corridor, neighborhoods, and view corridors.

The long-term gain in maintaining our lifestyle values, property values, and wildlife assets far exceeds any economic impact that one RV park would have. The Eagle County elk herd has reduced in population by 50% over the past decade due to development pressure. This is alarming, and the article could have been improved by highlighting the concerns that the proposed commercial development in a rural residential neighborhood is in the wildlife migration corridor.

The article did not mention the elk calving period and that the proposed development did not recognize potential impacts, or have a mitigation plan in place for elk calving periods. The article could also have been improved by informing the community that Eagle County did not approve the special use permit and the foundation for that decision.

I am concerned about the council statement “We’ll get you through it.“ What does that mean? The council represents the people, not the developers. Thank you for listening.

Crystal Young


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