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Letter: Bergquist for school board

Endorsing Heather Bergquist for the Eagle County School District Board of Education is an honor. She was introduced to her first school board, of which I was a member, as a first-year teacher, having received the award of outstanding student teacher that year from her university.

She proved to maintain that degree of excellence throughout her teaching career as an enthusiastic teacher with a sincere interest in each student’s education. By providing a loving and caring atmosphere, plus her consideration of individual learning styles and differences, her students reached their maximum potential.

Heather is the mother of four children in whose education she is intensely interested.

Having observed Heather’s integrity in educating her students and own children as well as serving and working with the parents and fellow teachers in every capacity, I can think of no better school board member than Heather Bergquist.

Susan L. Noble

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Edwards and Carmel, Indiana

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