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Letter: Berlaimont proposal is a bad idea all around

I believe the Berlaimont Estates access road is not a good idea for wildlife and the community alike. For the last five years, I have lived at the base of this proposed project. My family and I enjoy the open space and wildlife that is right out of our door. This project will take away a piece of the community that we all love. The added vehicle traffic from the proposed project honestly makes me nervous for my children, neighbor’s children, and neighborhood pets.

This influx of congestion in a highly-used recreational area will only lead to preventable accidents. It is nice knowing my children have a place to recreate outside so close to home without a busy road running through the middle of it. This project is also bad for our dwindling elk population. The project engulfs a prime piece of habitat and will lead to the lowering numbers of our elk herds. This piece of habitat is public land, not private. Why would we destroy something so grand, so just a few more second homeowners come to town?

To me, this is absurd. I believe in conservation for wildlife, personal recreation, and leaving a good precedent for future generations should be the top priority. I truly hope the U.S. Forest Service takes these thoughts into consideration and does not approve the Berlaimont Estates access road.

Steve MacCleary


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