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Letter: Bertuglia, Gardner, Hartel for Holy Cross

Twenty years ago we thought of our local electric company, Holy Cross Energy, as, well, just another electric company.

But as awareness has grown around climate change, opportunity in renewable energy, and the need for reliable power, we’ve discovered our little homegrown electric co-op to be a leader in our new energy future.

But 20 years ago we weren’t so wrong. Holy Cross operated pretty much any other customer-owned utility. It did a good job of ensuring reliable, affordable electricity … powered by fossil fuels.

Today it still provides affordable, reliable electricity. But now, it’s powered mostly by renewable energy. Because about 15 years ago, Holy Cross started planning for a future in which clean, renewable, distributed power would be replacing the fossil fuel-based model that we now see going the way of the dinosaurs.

And near the beginning of that planning were Kristen Bertuglia and Bob Gardner. They joined a couple of other trailblazers who ran for and won seats on the Holy Cross board in order to push for that new energy vision. They were part of that transformation that is bringing our mighty little electric co-op to 70% renewable power within the next two years, and to 100% by 2030!

Because of their leadership, new dynamos want to be part of the winning team and further help Holy Cross innovate for our region, the nation, and the planet.

I say that as you Holy Cross customers may notice you have received (or soon will) a ballot for a Holy Cross board election. We are fortunate that Kristen Bertuglia and Bob (Robert) Gardner are running again to continue that bold energy vision. And it’s exciting to see new leaders like Kristen Hartel stepping up to help.

I hope you’ll vote for all three and mail your ballot back early!

Matt Scherr


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