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Letter: Better candidates than Biden

I am of the “anybody but Trump” ilk and would vote for Joe Biden if he were the only option. However, I hope I don’t have to.

The biggest crisis facing this country and the Earth is climate change, and Biden seems to be backing away from it. Biden told a man who asked him about the issue of building new pipelines and where he stood on the climate crisis to (and this is a direct quote) “go vote for someone else.”  Also, he told a member of an immigrant support group, “You should vote for Trump.” Being rude to voters who ask questions he doesn’t like is inexcusable. It makes me wonder who his major donors are.

At the moment, I find myself most in agreement with Elizabeth Warren, and surprisingly, Tom Steyer, on the major issues, but that is open to change. I think either of them has the strength to take on President Trump and win.

And by the way, I do think Richard Carnes is a “better man than Trump” in every way.

Katherine Delanoy 


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