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Letter: Better without the snark

What a pleasure it is to open the Vail Daily and not see the contentious op-ed articles that had been appearing all too often in our biggest, most visible newspaper. The Daily is a major connection between the marvelous lifestyle and events in our valley and its many readers throughout the United States. Those readers may become our guests who keep the financial ball rolling for most of us.

The Daily is where locals turn to learn of forthcoming events, our athletes’ and school childrens’ successes, plans for new housing and real estate offerings. The list goes on.

But, it should never allow itself to be a public forum for the one-sided, snarky op-ed articles of the recent past that spur our residents to publicly demean and criticize each other. How much better would it be for people to learn to talk with each other rather than publish hurtful comments in the newspaper.

Carolyn Swanepoel


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