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Letter: Bighorn sheep vs Vail Resorts

I am writing this letter of opposition regarding Vail Resorts’ pursuit of building in an area that is critical habitat for bighorn sheep.

I find it incredulous and very sad that a company that professes to care for the environment and its community would have the audacity to take this action. Vail Resorts has lost its moral compass. It has decided to “cherry pick” its promise to care for the environment.

Well, of course we all know that the big corporation is playing a game that will yield them the best return on investment. The irony is, Vail Resorts didn’t even know it owned that land a handful of years ago. Now, suddenly Vail Resorts leaders seem intent to make a windfall profit. Thing is, they may make some money for their stakeholders, but in the long run they are ruining their reputation and credibility. Criteria that has far-reaching effects for long-term success in business.

I wholeheartedly endorse the town of Vail condemning the Booth Heights project. I applaud this community for standing up and protecting our environment. It is commendable how hard the town of Vail, Gore Valley Alliance and Vail Homeowners Association has worked to protect these iconic bighorn sheep and their habitat for survival. Thank you also to so many individuals of this valley who are making their voices heard to stand up for wildlife.

Emily Graves

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