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Letter: Bike trail in dire need of safety signage

On Thursday morning, a bicyclist nearly ran into me on the Eagle River Trail — not the first time this has happened. This trail is in dire need of safety signage and a yellow center line painted on the pavement. Other paved hike and bike trails in the area have center lines plus various caution signs warning bikers that pedestrians have the right-of-way and, in some cases, telling bikers they must warn pedestrians when passing from behind. That is exactly what this trail desperately needs. Very few bikers give any warning. It should also have a bicycle speed limit, and bikers should be encouraged to use the bike lanes on U.S. Highway 6 where they can go as fast as they do and not endanger pedestrians. This trail was very heavily used this summer by families with children running around and riding small sidewalk bikes, as well as by parents and daycare workers pushing strollers, and all kinds of casual walkers and joggers. My husband and I have experienced and witnessed many near-misses by silent, speeding bikers. Safety improvements to this trail should be a top priority for next summer.

Monica Perin

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