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Letter: Bikers beware on Vail Pass

Today I witnessed a semi tipped over, lying across the bike path going toward Vail Pass, a mile or two past the cul de sac where it runs right next to I-70 Eastbound.  The accident happened just before I got there on my bike. 

Fortunately, I did not begin my ride a few minutes earlier or I could have been part of this accident. How does something like this happen on a beautiful sunny day? I don’t believe any bikers were injured in the accident but I don’t know. 

This is a plea to the town of Vail, the Colorado Department of Transportation, and the Forest Service to make this bike path safer.  Perhaps reroute the section that runs right next to I-70 or build a substantial concrete barrier between the bike path and the highway.  This iconic ride up Vail Pass is special to so many of us, please make it safe.

Louise Hoversten


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