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Letter: Bittersweet Leap Day

It was a blue sky day, on leap day, on the Saturday of the “Ride on, Jake” Burton event in Vail. Of course, cars were parked as far as the eye could see on the south frontage road. Of course, the occupants of those cars were in a celebration or pensive mood and mainly focused on getting their stuff together. Of course, they assumed drivers passing by would be going super slow and expecting kids to be darting out from nowhere. Of course, overflow parking is not new and, of course, the town of Vail has done its part and will never be able to build enough parking spaces to accommodate such crowds. Of course, there are some who understandably prefer to park on the frontage road because it’s free.

Given all this, you would think:

  • Vail Resorts would do its part and hire security personnel, with safety vests, to direct parking and greet occupants of each car as it is parked — with a word about street safety and something about the exciting event or terrific mountain recreation ahead of them. 
  • The town of Vail would, in turn, install at intervals, yellow blinking lights — highlighting special 15-mph speed limits.
  • Vail Resorts and the town would coordinate to send messages via various media — welcoming our guests and asking for patience for any who have to park and walk on the frontage road.
  • Both excellent organizations would “just do it” for the above and other practical ideas — since the costs are minuscule.

Of course, this whole thing is a “one-off” as the specifics of the event won’t happen again for many decades! No, it’s not about another person changing the face of snow sports. Hint-hint, Google: frequency of leap days falling on Saturdays.

Paul Rondeau


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