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Letter: Blundering Boebert at the border

My son (who lives in California, and was being snarky), sent me a YouTube video link, featuring our 3rd District House Representative Lauren Boebert prancing along the Texas border with a cardboard cutout of Vice President Kamala Harris.

After viewing this video that Boebert posted, I was not amused, and felt her embarrassing performance was a slap in the face to her constituents, me included, here in Colorado District 3.

An antic like this is not why Boebert was elected as our representative. She was elected to advocate what is important to those of us who live here in District 3. Much of what she stated in the video was unsubstantiated— “children given over to the cartel” — and while she thought that may have played as a clever sound bite, Boebert portrayed herself as a clueless airhead.

In Eagle County where I live, we are in an extreme, serious drought affecting local agriculture; have been impacted by wildfires, pine beetle infestation, and aging infrastructure. These are far more serious and important issues for our representative in Congress to focus on than acting as a “border poser” in another state over 700 miles away from Colorado.

Contrast Rep. Boebert’s empty messaging from Texas with that of either Republican Mariana Zimmerman — who is seeking good-paying jobs, and a fair and honest tax system for people in Colorado, or Democrat Kerry Donovan, a rancher and president pro tem of the Colorado General Assembly and chair of the Colorado senate agricultural and natural resources committee, who is addressing important and essential issues of water, agriculture, wildlife, and recreation here in Colorado.

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By comparison, it is obvious that Boebert at the Texas border is totally out of touch with Colorado.

Debbie Hanson


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