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Letter: Boebert criticism isn’t cultural elitism

The recent column and letters to the editor regarding Boebert bashing and cultural elitism published this past week in the Vail Daily had me completely dumbfounded.

Cultural elitism has absolutely nothing to do when exposing Congresswoman Boebert’s ties to far right militia and white supremacy groups. What Pamela Chapman and Rebecca Horst misconstrue for “bashing” is the working class of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District calling out of Boebert’s lack of judgment and remorse for fanning the flames of insurrection and cutting off constituent’s questions on her tele-town halls when asked why she has condoned Marjorie Taylor Greene’s racist and anti-Semitic posts.

How does cultural elitism play when constituents point out Boebert’s completely false and inflammatory posts on Twitter and Facebook? On a daily basis, Boebert continues to display her lack of information on just about any issue, and more importantly fails to speak to CD3 issues of broadband, infrastructure, water, climate change. Is it cultural elitism to call her out for her maskless employees still serving patrons at her Shooter’s restaurant?

I suggest these two women take a good hard look at Boebert’s “claims” and rather than take her words as “dogma,” take the time to investigate and find fact-based information. But, then again, Boebert’s sycophants are all too often just careless.

Lisa Katze

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