Letter: Boebert is delivering on her promises

In 2020, believers invested in an unknown, small-town, young woman, without any political experience who displayed a great deal of passion and enthusiasm for her country and state. Lauren Boebert promised to fight 24/7 for her constituents and our values and for the issues we face every day. She has not failed to deliver.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert possesses an excitement and eagerness for making sure the voices of her constituents are heard. Her legislative record speaks volumes to that passion. When she is not on Capitol Hill, Boebert works tirelessly to tackle local issues throughout all 29 counties in one of the nation’s largest congressional districts.

One of Boebert’s most recent pieces of legislation is HR 4302, the Active Forest Management, Wildfire Prevention and Community Act. We fear forest fires every dry year. This piece of legislation positively affects every constituent. Colorado’s forests have been neglected for decades due to inept management on part of the state and federal government, along with environmental extremists who have set us back to the stone ages regarding the proper management and health of our forests.

Ravaged by beetle kill, Western Colorado has become a mismanaged tinderbox. Boebert’s bill would stop the reckless neglection of science without costing the taxpayer money.

Boebert campaigned on taking a hands-on approach to managing her district’s lands, curbing wasteful spending of our tax dollars, and providing security to Western Colorado. Her supporters ask you to take an unfiltered look at her fast-growing collection of legislation ranging from the Western Water Security Act, her numerous bills pertaining to our border security, and the Protecting American Energy Jobs Act. In a very short period, Rep. Boebert has put small-town communities back on the path to prosperity.

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I am proud to have Lauren Boebert providing a voice for myself and all her constituents throughout her district on these very important topics.

She is the fighter Western Coloradans supported in large numbers. She is the fighter we need to guarantee that all our livelihoods and values are protected.

Pamela Chapman


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