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Letter: Boebert is not a coward

“Silence has allowed a monster, fed by misinformation, to grow nationwide,” says Eagle County Commissioner Matt Scherr. You are correct, commissioner. Silence has done just that. And, as a supporter and constituent, one who worked extremely hard to get the newly-elected congresswoman, Lauren Boebert, to Washington, I will be silent no more. In fact, let me say we the people will be silent no more.

Stated in your letter to Congresswoman Boebert, “Your first act in that great body was to refuse the votes submitted to you by every [s]tate. That vote is ceremonial, as refusing the electoral vote is not a power grated by Congress.” Maybe before such statements are made some research should be performed.

In 2005, Senator Barbara Boxer and Rep. Stephanie Tubbs objected to Bush’s 2004 Electoral College vote. More than half a dozen representatives from the states of Alabama, Florida, Michigan, Texas, Mississippi, and the Carolinas along with Barbara Lee of California and Jim McGovern of Massachusetts objected to the certification of President Trump’s Electoral College vote in 2017. The argument used was the Black vote had been disenfranchised and Russian interference. Congress has been doing this, according to my research, since the days of Nixon.

Many of us believe the election was stolen from President Trump. That is our prerogative. And it is Congresswoman Boebert’s responsibility to represent her constituents. She is not there to project her personal beliefs although many are aligned with the people’s. Something career politicians have forgotten.

And whether you believe her act of objecting to certify the Electoral College vote was unconstitutional or not (like demanding people wear masks, stay 6 feet apart, and locked up for nine months is?), we stand behind our congresswoman. Your constituents obviously stand behind you. That is the way it works. Your hypocrisy is nauseating. I, personally, find it refreshing to see first-hand my congresswoman is not a coward.

Pamela Chapman


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