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Letter: Boebert needs to deny the Big Lie

This letter is in response to Karen Wood’s letter in the Jan. 20 edition of the Vail Daily. It is always OK to voice objections to an electoral count. This is a legal and legitimate process that both Democrats and Republicans have used. Remember the Bush-Gore contest went all the way to the Supreme Court. The last election was reviewed in more than 60 court cases and many recounts in critical states. All of this questioning and recounting is legitimate.

But, once the recounting and triple checking is over, previous presidents and their followers accepted the results and promoted the smooth transition of power that makes American Democracy the miracle it has been. There was not a Gore “Stop the Steal” rally on Jan. 6 riling up armed supporters to storm the Capitol. On the contrary, Vice President Al Gore oversaw the Congressional certification of an election he had just lost and attended the Bush inaugural to further support the critical principle of democracy and the smooth transition of power. Where was Mr. Trump yesterday? Shameful!

Lauren Boebert is my voice in Congress as I live in District 3. At a minimum, I expect her to respect the Constitution she swore to uphold and its institutions. This includes not continuing to hold on to the flat out “Big Lie” promoted by Donald Trump that he won by a landslide. This lie resulted in the most shameful act in my lifetime (I’m 70). On Jan. 6, white nationalists (some armed) and other protesters stormed the our Capitol to try and stop the voters’ decision from being ratified as required by the Constitution that Boebert took an oath to defend.

The Big Lie, if not corrected, can cripple our country for many years to come. I expect my congresswoman to speak to her constituents and tell them that Joe Biden was rightfully elected. She and others in Congress should work with him to move our country forward where they can. When they disagree, as I’m sure they will, they are obliged to pursue their opposition peacefully. But to continue to promote the Big Lie that Joe Biden is not out legitimate leader and foment more armed action by extremists who promote tyranny is simply wrong.

I applaud our commissioners for calling out Boebert. Speak up for Democracy, Lauren. Deny the Big Lie. Then fight for what you believe in on the floor of the house in rational debate — though I suspect this constituent would not agree with you often. That’s what you were rightfully elected to do.

Pete Leibig


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