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Letter: Boebert’s actions are dangerous and unsustainable

A Sept. 27 letter in the Vail Daily praises U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert for her legislative record. The writer specifically mentions the Active Forest Management, Wildfire Prevention and Community Act, and Protecting American Energy Jobs Act. After looking at these bills and reading their content, it seems that the elephant in the room is the environment. We can be critical of forest management, but the bottom line is that our tinder-dry forests filled with beetles that kill trees are influenced by the burning fossil fuels.

The Colorado River is at an all-time low, and we are suffering from record drought and wildfires threatening many of Boebert’s constituents, a direct result of environmental pollution from coal, oil and gas production and usage. Fracking in a desert uses millions of gallons of water per well with chemicals that permanently pollute that water making it unusable for animals or humans.

The Natural Resources Defense Council reports that in rural northeastern Utah, which is connected to the Piceance Basin in Colorado, researchers estimated that the amount of smog-forming compounds coming from oil and gas operations each year was equivalent to the emissions of 100 million cars. Colorado has 7,400 oil and gas wells on public land and 42,153 active wells in the state, with 60,000 unplugged wells that need attention, according to the Energy News Network.

Some may see Boebert’s energy-jobs legislation protecting oil and gas exploration and coal mining as putting “small-town communities back on the path to prosperity,” but I see her actions as dangerous and unsustainable for the future and much too friendly to the gas and oil industry. I’d like to see someone in that office who understands the ramifications of what they do and truly watches out for the constituents of today and in the future.

Cathy Blaser

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