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Letter: Boebert’s disregard for the environment

In response to the recent article in this publisher’s ongoing series highlighting voters throughout Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District featuring Gypsum resident Pamela Chapman, two of the bills Chapman touts as evidence that Rep. Lauren Boebert is “speaking up about the topics important to her constituents” miss that mark completely.

The Forest Information Reform Act would basically reverse the Endangered Species Act’s requirement to re-consult the Secretary of Agriculture and Secretary of the Interior on land-use plans, like timber projects, even when “a species is listed, critical habitat is designated, or new information concerning a listed species or critical habitat becomes available.’’ The Protecting American Energy Jobs Act Boebert introduced would allow permits for oil and gas drilling and fracking on federal lands. Both bills display Rep. Boebert’s disregard for protecting our environment, and her willful ignorance and denial of the effects of climate change.

Coloradans love wildlife and the outdoors. Our top employers on the Western Slope are in outdoor recreation, tourism, health care and agriculture — all of which are negatively affected by climate change like rising temperatures, drought, severe weather events and increasingly large, intense wildfires. Our state, especially the Western Slope, is leading the way on renewable energy sources. I would prefer my federal representatives support and champion our efforts to protect our environment and stem the effects of climate change.

Meanwhile, Rep. Boebert and every other Republican in Congress voted against the American Rescue Plan, a COVID-19 relief package to get shots in arms, money in families’ pockets, support small businesses, put kids back in classrooms, and cut childhood poverty in half.

Jennifer Filipowski

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