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Letter: Boebert’s tone-deaf response to shootings

As I watched in horror the events in Buffalo, Uvalde and Tulsa (not to mention the other dozen or so mass shootings that happened in between), I felt it appropriate to write my elected officials expressing outrage over the inability to stand up to the gun lobby and enact meaningful gun control legislation.

While I knew Rep. Lauren Bobert would adamantly disagree with me, her canned response was really astounding, even for her.

In her response, Boebert wrings her hands that God will offer comfort to those in grief (OK, I will agree with her on that one), and in the same breath calls for prosecution to the fullest extent of the law for the shooter in Uvalde.

Seriously, Lauren? Here’s a news flash for you: He was killed by the responding police and you are claiming self-righteousness by waving a Bible and thumping on it with your Glock calling for his prosecution to the full extent of the law after he was killed? I doubt even Fox News missed that the shooter was killed at the scene. 

She also states we must remember heroes like the two teachers “who gave their lives so their students might live.” So far I have not heard any reports that the actions of the teachers (who I am sure would have given their lives to save a student) saved anyone; in fact, news reports indicated the teachers were among the first ones shot by the gunman.

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She goes on to state “The Founders understood that our God-given liberties should never be taken away, especially during times of crisis.” I am not particularly religious, but the authors of the Second Amendment granted the right to bear arms (if you happen to belong to a well-organized militia group) and did not include any recognized God in their midst, and to the best of my knowledge, there is no discussion in the scriptures of any religion where any God decrees a right to bear arms.

So exactly how Boebert decided the right to bear arms to be a God-given right remains at best highly unclear.

While I am relieved that the redistricting has moved Edwards out of her territory, I do regret not having the opportunity to vote for her opponent.

Chris Neuswanger

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