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Letter: Boebert’s vaccine sabotage is everyone’s problem

As the delta variant tears through America’s unvaccinated population, U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert continues to stoke the fires of misinformation about vaccines. Responsible leaders across America are encouraging their constituents to take this simple step towards normalcy, but Boebert seems hell-bent on sabotaging Colorado’s comeback.

Vaccination has always been and will continue to be our ticket out of this pandemic. Vaccination means getting kids back to school and parents back to work, something we all want for our community and ourselves. While Boebert may not have a direct hand in setting local policy around vaccines, her position as an elected congresswoman comes with a platform. When it comes to using that platform, Boebert has been downright irresponsible.

Despite the vaccine having undergone rigorous testing and clinical trials, Boebert sowed doubt by calling the vaccine “experimental” in a recent tweet. Last month, she claimed door-to-door vaccine outreach efforts are the work of “Needle Nazis” and implied that the delta variant is a media hoax. Words have consequences, and Boebert’s words are fueling the sort of confusion and misunderstanding that keeps people from getting vaccinated. Boebert was elected to speak up for Western Colorado, but her words have only prolonged our collective suffering.

Vaccination rates across America have fallen steadily since the shot became widely available earlier this year. Much like COVID-19, Boebert’s rhetoric spreads far beyond the borders of our district. Boebert derailing vaccination efforts is not only Western Colorado’s problem, it is everyone’s problem. With midterm elections around the corner, it’s time to reconsider whether Boebert is the right person to represent us in Washington.

Emmett Grundberg

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