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Letter: Booth Heights developer needs to address pedestrian safety

On June 24, I briefly spoke at the PEC meeting regarding pedestrian safety and the East Vail underpass. I described the underpass as having no separation between motor vehicles and pedestrians. There is no sidewalk and no barricade or railing. There is no elevation change, no traffic calming and inadequate lighting. Also, it is not compatible with the American Disabilities Act.

Due to having only three minutes to speak, I did not have a chance to describe the underpass in winter conditions when ice and snow fall into the underpass and the barely 3-foot wide painted pedestrian lane is nonexistent. The traffic report for Booth Heights prepared for Triumph Development had evaluated the underpass for car usage and passing lanes (yes, there are passing lanes in the underpass as well) but made no mention of pedestrian safety issues.  

This is a glaring omission which needs to be addressed. The Booth Heights development brings around 300 more vehicles per day and up to 350 more potential pedestrians to the underpass. Pedestrian safety requires an evaluation and the evaluation should include the variables of winter months and highway closures. 

Donna Mumma, M.D.

East Vail

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