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Letter: Booth Heights is about money

Let’s be honest: The Booth Heights development has more to do with making a great deal of money than it does with workforce housing. Only money could join Vail Resorts, Triumph Development and the Town of Vail Planning Staff in an unholy alliance.

Vail Resorts shareholders will benefit from selling a property they’d forgotten they owned, and no doubt they’ll soon be back asking to transfer workforce housing out of Ever Vail so they can make more money selling condos; Triumph is hoping to score enough off the rentals and the non-restricted units to make all the brain damage worthwhile; meanwhile, inside every city planner, there’s a developer dying to get out.

Thus we have Vail Resorts employees showing up in uniform and on the clock reading Triumph Development talking points while the town’s planning staff omits crucial information from their report because they’ve decided it’s not “pertinent.” 

Apparently, three biologists saying that a project will lead to the local extirpation of a species is not “pertinent” information to give to a body charged with protecting the natural environs of the town. 

Only money could corrupt a process so thoroughly. Thank heavens there are enough Vail residents showing up on behalf of everything all of us love about Vail and kudos to them for sitting through the same four-hour presentation at least half-a-dozen times. Keep up the clamor: the people we elect should hear us loud and clear!

Jonathan Staufer


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