Letter: Braden Angel for district attorney

“Taxpayer tab tops $28K in district attorney’s dismissed petty offense case against the sheriff” was the headline in the February 22, 2020 edition of the Vail Daily. Understanding the fact that Bruce Brown was the head of the 5th Judicial District when this took place, I have a hard time believing Heidi McCollum wasn’t involved with pushing this agenda. This dollar figure doesn’t even take into consideration time spent by county employees that had to travel to give testimony in Summit County let alone the hours spent to locate and produce records requested by DA Brown.

The sheriff certainly had better things to do than to defend himself over this ridiculous accusation. I certainly understand the need to go after bad cops. This was not one of those cases.

I believe it is time for new blood and a different direction in the DA’s Office. Heidi McCollum would just be more of the same poor leadership exhibited by her predecessor. 

Brian Bishop 


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