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Letter: Braden Angel for district attorney

I am writing this letter in support of Braden Angel for district attorney for the 5th Judicial District. The reason I support Braden for district attorney is, in a word, competence. I have known Braden for many years, first as a deputy district attorney, then as private counsel and now as prosecutor for the town of Blue River, Colorado. He is also president of the Continental Divide Bar Association.

Braden is honest, forthright and intelligent. When you present Braden with a legal argument, he listens attentively, does not interrupt, and when you are finished, he will give you his honest opinion.   

Braden is a graduate of two prestigious universities. He received his undergraduate degree from Miami University (Ohio). He then moved to Colorado to attend and graduate from the University of Denver College of Law. Braden interned in the 5th Judicial District and passed the bar exam on his first attempt. Braden served as a deputy district attorney, first in Eagle County court, and then as a felony deputy district attorney. Braden was promoted to head of the Lake County office in 2010, before returning to Eagle County district court, where he prosecuted many complex and aggravated cases. Braden has individually prosecuted and tried to successful completion many DUI, domestic violence and felony cases.

Braden was mentored by then-assistant district attorney Karen Romeo, who went on to become a district court judge. Braden mentored and guided new attorneys in the office teaching them how to conduct and win jury trials. Ms. Sanam Mehrnia, the first female candidate for district attorney in this district, supports Braden Angel for district attorney. 

It is my belief, that as our elected district attorney, Braden could step in if one of his deputies called in sick on the day of trial. It is important to remember that in a 13 attorney district, all of the attorneys must be competent trial attorneys. With Braden, we have a proven, competent trial attorney, which is exactly what we need in our district attorney. With Braden, we will also have someone with character, integrity, and ethics. He is honest and passionate. He will make our community a better and safer place to live.

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Bruce Carey


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