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Letter: Braden Angel will make a great district attorney

As the former district attorney for the 5th Judicial District, I endorse Braden Angel for district attorney and urge you to vote for him in the upcoming Democratic primary. I was the district attorney in Clear Creek, Eagle, Lake and Summit Counties for 10 years and a prosecutor for 24, including 18 in the district. 

The role of the district attorney is broader than securing convictions. A DA’s job is to provide justice. Justice to victims, to the community and to the principles of the Constitution. A DA is a leader both in the office and the community. They need to balance the needs of victims and the public while holding police accountable. Their job is about filing charges based upon the crimes charged, not overcharging to coerce plea bargains later.  

It is about the courage to dismiss charges when there is a constitutional violation and follow up with training for law enforcement, so it doesn’t happen again. It is not about politics or getting your name in the newspaper. A DA needs the skill and experience to try the most heinous cases and the patience and commitment to work with and train young prosecutors. A district attorney’s job is to do what is right, no matter how hard that may be. 

Braden Angel embodies all these characteristics and that is why I am endorsing him. I have known Braden since I hired him as an intern 14 years ago. During the time he was in the DA’s office, I saw him grow to be an exceptionally good, seasoned prosecutor and leader, who only was looking to do what is right, even if that was the toughest path. As the leader of our Lake County office, he was incredible working with victims, the community and law enforcement. He took on any tough case assigned to him.  

Braden is a forward thinker and has some incredible ideas on helping those who have mental health issues keep out of the criminal justice system. Above all, Braden has honesty and integrity. It is all these attributes that I know will make Braden a great district attorney and that is why I urge you to vote for him in the Democratic primary. 

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Mark Hurlbert


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