Letter: Braden Angel will serve with integrity

I worked as a deputy district attorney in Eagle County for 2.5 years with Braden Angel. We spent countless hours discussing the criminal justice system as we carpooled from Edwards to Eagle every day, or traveled to Breckenridge or Georgetown. We were co-counsel together on several trials that went to verdict. I witnessed him interact with hundreds of Eagle County defendants charged with a crime.

I have practiced law over a decade and worked with or against numerous prosecutors throughout the Central Rockies. Along with at least 24 local attorneys, I am supporting Braden in the primary for District Attorney for the 5th Judicial District based upon my personal interaction with him on numerous cases along with my idea of what makes a great prosecutor.

Braden understands that justice means fairness to all — victims, defendants, community, law enforcement, and the court system. He appreciates the difference between someone who deserves to be incarcerated versus someone who has made a mistake or bad decision. He is a trial lawyer, father and husband. He is not a politician or career bureaucrat. The DA isn’t the first rung on the political ladder he wants to climb.

I believe Braden will make a great district attorney. He will serve the community with integrity, honesty and fairness.

Ryan Kalamaya

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