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Letter: Braden Angel’s misleading statements

I am a retired attorney who spends an extended amount of time in the mountain communities of the 5th Judicial District. I support Heidi McCollum for the position of district attorney. In response to recent comments made by Braden Angel and JB Katz, there are several claims that warrant closer review.

Braden Angel has stated that over 20 attorneys have endorsed him in the primary race. He states that this endorsement is staggering. However, there are approximately 300 attorneys registered in the district. Twenty attorneys out of approximately 300 give him only a 6.7% endorsement. This is not staggering. The majority of these attorneys practice civil law. They lack the knowledge of what is necessary for an efficient prosecutorial team.

A concern of Angel’s, as well as Katz, is the level of attorney turnover.  However, Angel was part of that turnover problem. He left when the current district attorney took office. Apparently, he did not think his departure would be dangerous for the community. Nor was he concerned with “staff retention” when he left. Also, a factor is the high cost of living in the area. He offers no explanation as to how he would address staff turnover. His silence is deafening. 

Katz places emphasis on Angel being the Blue River prosecutor. This is somewhat misleading, as it is not clear at first read that the Blue River prosecutor position is not part of the district attorney’s office. It is not.  The prosecutor for the Blue River works one day a month for four hours.  The majority of cases are traffic tickets. This does not equate to being a district attorney prosecuting serious felonies.  

Vote for proven leadership. Vote for Heidi McCollum.

Jill Clarke


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