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Letter: Bring back Butch Mazzuca’s column

I enjoy the weekly columns you publish. All are enjoyable and good reads for many different reasons.

Judson Haims always provides thoughtful and helpful personal and medical advice for those of us over age 50 (or 60, 70 or 80). We all need good advice.

Richard Carnes always provides varied amounts of politics, humor, facts and plenty of sarcasm (sometimes all in the same column), depending on his topic or target of the week. We all need his humorous take on life.

I miss Butch Mazzuca’s columns. I believe his topics and facts were always double-checked and verified prior to his writing. Many of us “seniors” have grown more conservative as we’ve progressed though life’s challenges and have developed a strong appreciation for his thoughts and comments.

I understand that you may not always (or never) agree with what each author writes, but I hope you will continue to recruit and publish the “other” views. Please bring back the Butch Mazzuca column. We all need his honest, well-researched perspective.

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Mike Macnamara


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