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Letter: Bring back the 10-cent paper bags

So Walmart is trying to save the planet by eliminating all single-use bags — whether paper or plastic. 

Do they really think tourists, a major portion of their Avon clientele, are going to pack a bunch of reusable bags with them when they visit our valley? Of course not. 

Thus, their only choice will be to purchase a bunch of them at checkout. (Granted, they’ll have a pile of time to ponder how many they need as they stand in the frustratingly long lines.)

Then, with airline baggage fees as they are, are they going to bring all those reusable bags home? No way. So the net result of Walmart’s “green” bag policy is way more thick plastic bags in the local landfill. 

Bring back the 10-cent paper bags. 

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Chris Mech

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