Letter: Broken promises

While skiing on April 13, my wife noticed a Vail Resorts sign at Mid-Vail, with the Vail Resorts logo at the bottom. The sign reads, “ZERO net impact to forests and habitat.” That claim would be comforting if it weren’t so sad and flat wrong.

Vail Resorts is the company planning a development in East Vail that will “cause great harm if not extinction of the (East Vail bighorn sheep) herd, and we should avoid building there at all costs.” That quote is from Vail Mayor Kim Langmaid. If she knows the harm Vail Resorts is planning, Vail Resorts also knows it. How can Vail Resorts claim “zero net impact to forests and habitat?”

Vail Resorts has other property available to build employee housing. Building that housing on the Vail Resorts property just west of Lionshead, for instance, could be a win/win: housing for Vail Resorts employees and no adverse impact on the bighorn sheep. Or does Vail Resorts really not care about its impact on forests and habitat?

Tom Burch


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