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Letter: Broken system

“We’re experiencing very high volume, please try again later” is the most common phrase I hear these days. I hear that phrase by far the most, way more than I’d ever heard it before. Living in a resort town, being in the hospitality business, in fact, it’s a phrase that never occurred to me to use.

Do any of you have the luxury of saying that to customers? Busy holiday weekend, does someone stand outside City Market turning people away, telling them to try later. Can you stand at the host station of your restaurant on Christmas eve and tell people you’re really busy, please try later. Absolutely not — people expect that you are ready to handle the volume, and you staff up! 

Why then don’t we hold our government to the same standards? Forget about the reason I’m writing this in the first place — only receiving a busy signal or that glorious phrase when attempting to contact the unemployment office. Why is it just an acceptable joke that you will wait forever at the DMV, post office, etc?

Everyone knew about the added demands placed on our unemployment system and now months into this crisis the office hours are still Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. They did recently add Saturday hours, noon to 4, but I found out that person is really only able to offer assistance with filing new claims and nothing more. Come on, Colorado! Staff up! It’s frustrating to think there is no clear resolution anytime soon. As unsafe as it is to think; either reopen the state so we can work, or fix the broken system.

Jason Latta

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